New Mums


Early Daze session: Tuesdays, 1.00-2.30pm @ Mum-to-Mum Drop-In


You are welcome to attend any of the Drop-in afternoon sessions just as soon as you feel ready to get out of the house.

Some parents find that it works well to combine their first visit with the essential trip to the Registry Office which is only a stone's throw around the corner on Buccleuch Street. The chances are you will park in Charlotte Street Car Park anyway, so why not all pop in to say hello at the same time?  Even if you only stay a short while it will help you feel confident about going back later - maybe once dad is back at work - and if your baby is needing a feed before the trip back home there will be help on hand to make sure you feel comfortable.

Many mums find that it helps to take someone with them the first time.  Partners, new grandparents, sisters, friends etc are always welcome. We all know exactly what it is like trying to get out of the house with a new baby.  We also know that it can feel quite daunting walking in somewhere unfamiliar, particularly when the baby is hungry! - that's why we are so keen to recommend that you go while you are pregnant.  Please try not to worry though - we have all been there too, not so very long ago,  and you will be made to feel at home. 

Tuesday 'Early Daze' sessions, are set aside for new mums and breastfeeding babies.   It's a time to make some new friends and to share the ups and downs of those important first weeks.    Everyone is a beginner and you will be amazed how much you learn from each other just by spending some time together.   Remind yourself of all the basics of getting your baby well latched on and pick up tips and ideas.  Help is always on hand if you have questions or require assistance.  

New mums usually have lots of questions and there is plenty of opportunity to talk about whatever is on your mind.  It's also a great way to get out of the house for a bit.  Even new babies seem to enjoy being somewhere new and many mums report that their baby always feeds really well in the relaxed atmosphere at the drop-in.


If your baby is a little older and you have not been to the drop-in yet, please stop by and see what is on offer.  You are welcome any time, no matter what age your baby - plenty of mums only find the time and energy to get out of the house once their baby is several months old,