Mums-to-be are always welcome to attend any of the Mum-to-Mum sessions and as mums who have attended the drop-in ourselves we would really encourage you to find time for this while you are still pregnant.  It can be really helpful to spend some time around mums and babies, particularly if this is all new to you - you will learn loads just by being there.



'I was so pleased that I made the effort to go along to the group before my baby arrived. I was feeling quite tired once I had finished work and it would have been easy to give it a miss, but I just decided to go along one day and I was made to feel very welcome. No one was making a big deal about breastfeeding, the mums just got on with it and it seemed so natural that I came away determined to give it a try myself.......'

  • Get to know some mums and babies.  We know it may feel a bit strange when you only have a bump, but don't forget we have all been there too

  • Ask any questions.  Don't be shy - other mums are usually very happy to chat

  • Take the opportunity to see how breastfeeding fits into life very easily and naturally

  • Meet the friendly Breastfeeding Support team - NHS staff and volunteer mum helpers

  • The NHS Breastfeeding Peer Support Coordinators who run the drop-in are also very happy to chat, or share information with you if you want to discuss anything one-to-one

  • No one will expect that you are definitely planning to breastfeed but now is the time to gather information.  Keeping an open mind can be a good option if you are undecided - only you can know what is right for you and your family

  • Browse the library (click here for the list of books and resources currently available) and feel free to borrow anything that interests you

  • Find out about Real Nappies and Baby Slings